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The Bear

Here you will find pictures of the "Who Goes Where" Bear (a.k.a. the "Ba-Bear-Lon Bear") from his debut in the Babylon 5 episode "There All the Honor Lies".

If you have not heard the story behind the JMS/Peter David bear feud, you can find info in the X-Ficial site's "Trivia, Inside Jokes and References" section.

image: 5K

Here we find the bear sitting peacefully on a store table, unaware of the adventures ahead.

image: 5K

Here we see the lovely Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5's XO, handing the bear to...

image: 5K

Babylon 5's Captain, John Sheridan. Aren't they cute? :^)

But when Sheridan finds out the bear is
supposed to be him, he spaces it! (The fiend!)

image: 6K

The poor, hapless bear then gets smushed against the windshield of a Starfury. (Look at the radar screen!)

image: 5K

Finally, the bear tumbles away into the night, right on schedule for his future adventures in Space Cases.

For those of you who haven't seen Babylon 5 yet, you don't know what you're missing! The SciFi Channel and The Lurker's Guide will tell you all the info you need to know.

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