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Space Cases Backgrounds

Preview notes:

Each background is based on a picture from the gallery. If you have javascript and image loading available then you can choose the preview links to open a preview of how the image will look as a background. Otherwise, you can choose the image links to download and view the images the "hard" way.

How to use the backgrounds

Choose the picture of your choice and save it to your computer.

If you like all the images you can download a ZIP file with every image.

Upload the picture to your webspace and then go to the <BODY> tag in your HTML file and add this inside the tag:

BACKGROUND="(URL for the file on your webspace)"

The resulting tag should look like this:

<BODY BACKGROUND="(URL for the file on your webspace)">

I recommend changing the color of your text so it can be seen more easily on your new background. That is done with this tag:

TEXT="(text color)"

If, for example, you decided to make your text white (which I recommend), then your BODY tag would look like this:

<BODY BACKGROUND="(URL for the file on your webspace)" TEXT="#ffffff">

If you don't care for white, you can experiment with other hex codes (the "#ffffff" part).

If all this background stuff sounds confusing, try this other backgrounds tutorial.

Finally, while I made these backgrounds especially for you to use for your websites, I would like some credit... a "Background by Jeysie" should suffice. (Even if it's just in fine print... it's the principle of the thing.)


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