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Shore Leave 20 - Page 1

image: 20K

Carla of "Carla's got a boyfriend/fiance" fame in Tracey's newsgroup signatures is on the left, and her fiance Alan is on the right. (Aren't they such a cute couple?)

image: 23K

That's me (Jeysie) on the left side, and my buddy Harrison on the right. (Maurice the hand puppet dragon is looking over my left shoulder.)

image: 23K

Here's the whole Shore Leave 20 bunch. Back row, from left, Carla, Alan, Maurice the dragon, Harrison, Suzanne and I. Front row, from left, Tracey and Lynn.

image: 18K

From left, myself, Lynn, Tracey, and Harrison. (Maurice the dragon is looking over Tracey's shoulder) The sign proves we were there! :)

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