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The Fernaherna on the Titanic

Did ya ever wonder what it would be like if the Fernaherna were the two guys in the crow's nest when they spotted the iceberg? Well, it mighta gone something like this...

(Jin and Pel are in the crow's nest watching Jack and Rose make out.)

(All dialogue is with really bad and very dry British accents.)

Jin: Wow, look at those two. Really having fun, aren't they?

Pel: Yeah. They really should get a room.

Jin: Yeah, that's disgusting.

Both: Ew.

Jin: (looks ahead of the boat) Wow. Would you look at that.

Pel: Amazing. What do you think it is?

Jin: I think it's an iceberg.

Pel: Really? Wow.

Jin: We should tell someone.

Pel: Well, we only have to do that if the lookouts find out about it.

Jin: We're the lookouts, Jin, remember?

Pel: Oh, yeah, right.

Jin: We have to tell someone!

Pel: Well, it could be not important. We could miss it completely.

Jin: Pel, we're heading right for it.

Pel: Oh, right. Well, then.

Jin: (picks up a phone) Sir, there's an iceberg.

Guy on phone: An iceberg?

Jin: Yes, sir. We're heading right for it.

Guy on phone: All right then. Thank you.

Jin: You're welcome. (pause) (to Pel) You know, this could be bad.

Pel: It really could be.

Jin: We could get smashed to bits.

Pel: Yes, we could.

Jin: The ship could fill with water and sink.

Pel: Yeah, it could.

Jin: We could all die.

Pel: Yeah, we could.

Jin: Utterly.

Pel: Completely.

Both: Ew...

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