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Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Dances I'd Like To See Thelma Do

(by Jeysie)

1. The Macarena
2. The Time Warp
3. The Twist
4. Ballet
5. Tap Dancing
6. The Tango
7. The Polka
8. Breakdancing
9. Anything New Age
10. The Funky Chicken

Top Ten Things You Could Probably Use Bova's Electric Ability For

(by Jeysie)

1. Jumpstarting your car
2. Powering your favorite hairstyling tool anywhere
3. Improving reception on that garage-sale television set
4. Can charge up a static buildup anywhere to zap that annoying sister/brother/cousin/spouse/etc.
5. Recharging your walkman/personal CD player anywhere
6. Recharging your cellular phone anywhere
7. Walking, talking lightning rod (never miss another golf game, and acts as a caddy, too!)
8. Tree branch removal made easy
9. Weed removal made easy (and emotionally satisfying, let's see if they grow back after they're fried!)
10. Putting a little life into that date that won't dance

Top Ten Space Cases Merchandise That Never Made It to the Shelves

(by Phoebe/MuddDrgn)

10. Color change Christa with THELMA action figure! Just drop them in warm water and let the Nick execs take over.
9. The first season Suzee doll. It looks like just an empty box - of course the doll's in there, she's invisible!
8. Radu ear muffs. 'nuff said.
7. Super electric Bova Boy. Bova is in a superhero's outfit. He shoots real electricity out of his antennae.
6. Operation: The Space Cases version. Operate on Commander Goddard before the show gets cancelled.
5. Rhomby spit. This new drink is chock full of sugar AND gives you telekinetic powers!
4. Talking Warlord Shank Doll (with a Barbie voice box) says such phrases as "Let's shop!" and "Ken is cute!"
3. Harlan Band earring. Also (not) available: ugly braid wig.
2. The Complete Kristian Ayre Collection: videoes for Ayre Heads. Includes clips from such cancelled shows as the Odyssey, Space Cases, and Ghostwriter. And there's some alien junk on it too...
1. The Herb Scannel Voodoo doll. Oddly enough, Space Cases fans loved this one.

Top Ten People (that NICK would choose, of course) to Come on Space Cases Next!!

(by Ashley/CanVanZ)

10. Irene Ng as a teenage girl who makes perfect friends with Cat (against Cat's will) and attempts to find out who has pulled the glue-on-the-chair prank on Miss Davenport. She also has her suspicions about Thelma being a Spung in disguise.
9. Larissa Oleynik as an alien that Bova accidently zaps. Now she has superpowers and Suzee gets extremly jealous of her. Now we have the Suzee/Harlan/Radu/Catalina/Larissa love pentagon.
8. Summer Sanders as a women who becomes really good friends with Rosie. (Summer... Rosie... get it?)
7. Amanda Bynes (as Ashley) who stays with the crew. Then they get a live audience and have to pay them to laugh at the advice she gives the rest of the crew.
6. Marshall Darling (ya know, from Clarissa) who falls in love with Miss Davenport but are torn apart by...
5. George Mack (Alex Mack's father) who is an evil and always-misses-the-point Spung Warlord.
4. Ickis (yes, the cartoon) who identifies with Bova, big time.
3. Oblina (yes, the cartoon again) who totally identifies with Miss Davenport.
2. Annie Mack who comes aboard, gets a terrible crush on Goddard and does all these experiments on Radu because... because... she was bored.
1. Kenan and Kel (they count as 1) who try to sue Thelma when they find a piece of scrap metal in their chicken salad.

Top Ten Space Cases Crossovers You May Or May Not Want To See

(by Jeysie)

1. SC and Indiana Jones
2. SC and James Bond
3. SC and Seinfeld
4. SC and Star Wars
5. SC and anything by Stephen King
6. SC and the X-Files
7. SC and Hercules/Xena
8. SC and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
9. SC and Dick Tracy
10. SC and a soap opera (pick your favorite one)

Top Five Episodes That Never Quite Made it to NICKELODEON

(by Karen/Karen386)

1."Rosie's Park"
(this was inspired by the chat about "South Cases" around here a few days earlier) A freak accident at the South Park Laboratory (you know, the place where that science dude with the little guy was in - he was in the Starvin' Marvin' episode and he discovered the turkeys? The place where that dude hangs) switches Cartman with Rosie (Rosie is at South Park, Cartman is on the Christa). Highlights of the episode are when Cartman rampages the ship looking for cheezy poofs, and when Rosie accidentally kills Kenny with her heat power.
2."Radu's Band"
Radu goes insane and decides to start a heavy-metal band, with him being the front man (as he's said, he's got the hair). Guest-stars include Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Tyler.
3."Seth Manson"
Twiggy (the bassist of Marilyn Manson) falls off the stage in the middle of a concert. A back-up bassist is needed, so Marilyn Manson himself calls Goddard up. Goddard dresses up with the black makeup and clothes, and locks himself in the lounge. His image will be transported from the Christa and to the rock stadium, playing the bass. Meanwhile, the cadets rigged up that device from Long Distance Calls, and Admiral Cody wants to have a few words with Goddard. Highlight is when Goddard is dragged out to talk to Cody, carrying his bass guitar and smudged black make-up on his face.
4."The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo"
Shelby Woo visits the Christa. Havoc breaks out. Enough said.
5."Baby Davenport"
Miss Davenport's baby gains a voice and commands the Christa, complete with the British accent, low morale, and habit of fainting. Guest stars include Cary Lawrence's baby, Paige.

Top Ten Reasons Why Cat Switched Places With Suzee

(by Tina/Slinky386)

10. Cat hated the food wheel
9. Radu was starting to have major dandruff (especially when he sat next to Cat at breakfast)
8. THELMA was WAY too annoying
7. She and Miss Davenport were getting along TOO well
6. She was on strike
5. She realized Bova was right: They'd never get home if Nick was in charge
4. She had been to the Boys' Bunkroom one too many times without protection
3. Radu was having flashbacks about being abducted by aliens in the twentieth century
2. She knew about All You Can E***
1. She needed a vacation

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