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Spung At Heart

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Initial Credits:

Producer: Irene Litinsky
Production Designer: Real Proulx
Director of Photography: Marc Charlebois
Original Music Score: Jeff Fisher
Editor: Jean Beaudoin
Written by: Peter David and Bill Mumy
Director: Otta Hanus


(We see a green, triangular ship drifting alongside the Christa.)

Harlan: (voice-over) What is it?

Radu: (voice-over) It's a distress signal, Harlan.

(Cut to inside shot of the 2 boys in the Command Post.)

Harlan: Well, whoever it is, they're in big trouble. They're losing power.

Harlan: We have to help them.

(Radu comes down and stands beside Harlan's post, Harlan turns on the communicator.)

Harlan: Alien vessel, can you hear us? This is the star cruiser Christa. Captain Harlan Band speaking.

(Radu gives him a questioning look, and Harlan turns off the communicator.)

Harlan: We have to show rank, don't we? (through communicator) Alien vessel.

Elmira: (through communicator) Starship Christa, Captain Harlanband. I hear you loud and clear. I've had a protomix blowout. I've lost all power. I'm all alone out here. Requesting permission to dock for emergency repairs.

Harlan: Stand by for a second, Miss. (to Radu) Okay, we do the heroic thing, we bring her aboard, right?

Radu: Don't ask me. You're the one who appointed yourself captain.

Harlan: That's right, I am. Besides, STARDOG regulations say we have to respond to an emergency distress signal.

Radu: Okay, look. We bring her in through the airlock, and I'll call Commander Goddard so that he can be there when we open the inner door.

Harlan: That's a good idea. And you can be vice-captain.

(Radu looks at him.)

Harlan: Assistant captain.

Radu: (straightening his jacket smugly) First officer.

Harlan: Whatever! (through communicator) Attention, ship in distress. Stand by for docking. We'll get you all fixed up no problem. You have the solemn promise of Captain Harlan Band.

(Cut to shot of Elmira's ship going into the landing bay.)

Harlan: (voice-over) What a great voice she had.

Radu: (voice-over) You know, she sounded like an Andromedan.

(Cuts to inside shot of the two going towards the airlock.)

Harlan: No way, not with that voice, nah. She's human.

Radu: She's Andromedan!

Harlan: (pushing the opening control for the airlock) Human!

Radu: Andromedan!

(Commander Goddard comes up from behind them.)

Goddard: All right, Band. What's this I hear from Mr. Radu? Why did you let an unknown alien aboard this ship?

(Before Harlan can answer, the inner airlock starts to open. Radu and Harlan are both trying to dress themselves up as we cut to a shot of Elmira crouched in the airlock.)

Harlan: No way!

Goddard: Uh-oh.

Radu: She's a Spung!

(We see a close-up of Elmira looking at them as we fade into the opening credits sequence.)


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Opening Credits:

Narration: The Eye of the Future sees them. Five clever space cadets, snuck aboard an alien ship, flung through a weird hole in space, thousands of light-years from the Academy. Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but will they ever get home? Or are they forever destined to be... Space Cases?


Walter Emmanuel Jones as Harlan Band
Jewel Staite as Catalina
Kristian Ayre as Radu
Rahi Azizi as Bova
Paige Christina as Rosie Ianni
Anik Matern as Thelma
Cary Lawrence as T.J. Davenport


Paul Boretski as Commander Seth Goddard

Created by: Bill Mumy and Peter David

Guest Starring: Katie McIninch as Elmira and George Takei as Warlord Shank

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Elmira: Which one of you is Captain Harlanband?

Harlan: Uh, I am.

Elmira: You promised me help with my repairs?

(Commander Goddard is glaring at Harlan.)

Harlan: Uh, yes, we did. This is my first officer Radu, and-and this is, uh...

Goddard: Commander Seth Goddard.

Harlan: Uh, right, right, this is Commander Goddard, our, um - our cook. Welcome aboard.

Goddard: Would you excuse us a moment? Something's burning. Cook stuff, you understand?

(He pulls the two boys aside, and we keep cutting back and forth between Elmira, still in the airlock, and the three of them.)

Goddard: What do you think you're doing?

Radu: She's a Spung!

Harlan: She was in distress. And the STARDOG code says that -

Goddard: I know what the STARDOG code says!

Radu: We've got to get her off this ship!

Harlan: And I promised! I gave my word as a captain!

Goddard: As a captain? Yeah, that's another thing!

Harlan: I asked myself what Commander Seth Goddard, STARDOG, would do. She was in distress! We have to keep our promise!

Radu: It's a trick! Commander -

Goddard: You put us in a very dangerous situation, Harlan.

Harlan: What else could we have done, Commander? Left her there to die?

Radu: That's what she'd do to us!

Goddard: Harlan's right. We've got to help her. But we keep a tight watch on her, and as soon as her repairs are completed, she's off this ship. Agreed?

Harlan: Agreed.

Radu: Agreed.

(Harlan starts to walk toward Elmira.)

Goddard: (angrily stepping in front of him) Get back!

(Team Room. Elmira and Thelma are seated in the middle working on a component of Elmira's ship, while Catalina and Harlan watch. Radu crosses in front of the camera as the scene begins.)

Radu: Trust you? The Spung enslaved my entire race. Your people started a galactic war!

Elmira: The war was an awful thing for both sides, Mr. Radu, but like you, I was only a child when it was happening. I had nothing to do with it.

Goddard: And another thing, Radu. The Spung don't let their females fight, or have anything to do with policy decisions. They don't think they're smart enough.

Elmira: That's the reason I left and struck out on my own.

Catalina: Slavery and ignorance. What a fun race!

Harlan: You can't blame the mistakes of others on her because she's from the same planet.

Radu: All I ever hear from you is that you don't trust me because Andromedans killed your father during the war! Well, it was the Spung who forced the Andromedans to fight that war!

Harlan: You heard her, First Officer Radu. She didn't do it.

Radu: And neither did I.

Harlan: Yeah, well, this is different.

Elmira: I'm sorry, Captain Harlanband. I didn't mean to cause trouble between you and your crew.

Harlan: We understand that.

Goddard: Elmira, is it?

(Elmira nods.)

Goddard: Elmira, the fact is that no matter what your explanation we have to proceed with caution. We've made our peace with the Andromedans, but the Spung are still hostiles.

Elmira: I understand. I only need to stay long enough to repair my navigation and communication systems. In return, I'll offer you the use of my talents.

Catalina: Your talents?

Elmira: I'm an oracle. I see the future.

Harlan: You're a fortuneteller?

Elmira: If you wish, I'll do a projection for each of you.

Catalina: And Suzee too, please?

Harlan: Suzee's Catalina's imaginary friend.

Catalina: Uh, invisible!

Radu: It's a trick! Look, we can't trust her!

Goddard: Hold it, Radu. (to Elmira) Considering your status, you can't be left unguarded at any time. You do understand that?

Elmira: I have already seen my own future, Commander. We will all do what we are destined to do.

(Radu leaves in disgust.)

Goddard: All right, if you're willing to keep her under constant watch, we'll provide assistance. I'm trusting you people not to screw up.

(He leaves the room.)

Elmira: May I ask a question, Captain Harlanband?

(Harlan nods.)

Elmira: Is the cook always this important on an Earthling starship?

Harlan: Um, it's an old Earth tradition. Uh, if the cook doesn't get his way, we don't get dessert.

Elmira: Ohhhh.

(Cut to outside shot of Christa moving through an asteroid field, then to the Galley. Catalina, Bova, Rosie, and Miss Davenport are seated around a table. Radu is standing by the doorway, watching suspiciously. Thelma stands behind Miss Davenport, and Elmira is standing in front of them. There is a definite "mood" in the room. Elmira appears to go into a trance, then throws some sparkly dust in the air. Miss Davenport brushes her nose, and Bova sneezes. Elmira then moves to stand behind Catalina and puts her hands on the sides of Catalina's face. She does the same to each as she tells their fortune.)

Elmira: No one can see who's coming here, but Catalina disappears.

(She moves over to Rosie. We see Catalina mouth the words "Catalina disappears.")

Elmira: A chilling fate I see for you, you will soon be very blue.

Rosie: I don't like being sad!

Elmira: (moving over to Bova) A sneeze in time will make it true, all the trouble starts with you.

Bova: Trouble? That must mean some of my predictions are gonna come true!

Elmira: (moving over to Miss Davenport) Dreadful moans down every hall, for days your ghost on every wall.

Davenport: (looking worried) Ghost? Oh, poppycock! It's all a game, fortunetelling. One shouldn't put too much faith in it, really. Goodness!

(We see Harlan enter the room.)

Bova: Oh, that sparkly dust ... Uh... makes me want to -

(He explosively sneezes, sending an electrical blast out of his antennae that zaps Catalina. When we see her again, all of her hair is standing straight up.)

Thelma: Did that hurt?

Catalina: Did what hurt?

(Medlab. Catalina is lying on the couch, with Rosie, Bova and Miss Davenport standing over her. Rosie is waving a small device over Catalina's body.)

Catalina: Catalina's fine! You can ask her yourself! She's right over there.

(She points to the empty air.)

Catalina: I'm Suzee.

Davenport: She thinks she's her imaginary friend!

Bova: Invisible.

Davenport: Whatever.

Rosie: A sneeze in time will make it true, all the trouble starts with you. You can't see who's coming here, but Catalina disappears!

Davenport: Elmira's predictions! They're coming true! That means I'm gonna be... a ghost! Ohh!

Bova: And it's my fault. I started it.

Rosie: (holding up the small device she was using) The macro-scanner says she's okay physically. I don't understand! We'll have to use the micro-scanner.

(She pulls a large wand out of the side of the chair.)

Rosie: This should do it.

Bova: Be careful, Rosie.

Rosie: I know what I'm doing. I think.

(Suddenly, something short circuits and Rosie appears to be electrocuted. When we see her clearly again, her skin is blue.)

Bova: Then again, maybe you don't!

Rosie: (in a stuffy voice she will use for the rest of the episode) Oh, no! I've got a thermal inversion!

Bova: A Mercurian cold. A chilling fate I see for you, you will soon be very blue! I'm sorry, Rosie. It all started with my sneeze in time.

Davenport: I'm going to be a ghost. I am going to be a ghost!

Rosie: Maybe you don't have to be a real ghost.

Bova: What other kind of ghost is there?

(Miss Davenport faints and Suzee-Catalina laughs.)

(Corridor. Harlan walks toward Commander Goddard, who is fixing something on the ship and has coils hanging out all around him.)

Harlan: Commander.

Goddard: What is it... Captain?

Harlan: You are never going to let me live that down, are you?

(Commander Goddard smiles.)

Harlan: What if Radu's right?

(Goddard steps down to sit in front of Harlan.)

Goddard: You're worried, aren't you?

Harlan: Well, I hate to think that I endangered the crew! I guess I screwed up.

Goddard: Did I just hear you admit a mistake?

Harlan: It's not that big of a deal.

Goddard: Yes it is. You're starting to recognize that sometimes a STARDOG doesn't know everything.

Harlan: What if Radu is right?

(Commander Goddard sighs, then he and Harlan both walk down the corridor, obviously with a purpose.

Team Room. Thelma and Elmira are still working on the console.)

Thelma: Hmm. I believe you will need a new diludium 235 intonater socket. I will get one for you.

(She leaves. Elmira puts in a code on the console and a message begins to come through.)

Warlord Shank: Attention! This is Warlord Shank of the Spung Kill-cruiser Kazada. We have received your signal, and we are on our way.

(The console burns out again, and we cut to an outside shot, then back inside the Team Room. Thelma has returned, and Harlan and Commander Goddard are standing in the Team Room as well.)

Goddard: You're gonna have to complete your repairs and leave the Christa.

Elmira: Is that your order, Captain Harlanband?

Harlan: Uh, yes, yes, uh, that comes from me.

(Radu enters the room.)

Elmira: I know you're not the real captain here. I know that Commander Goddard is in charge. My repairs are almost complete.

Harlan: What about my fortune?

(Elmira stands and throws some sparkly dust in the air. She does the fortunes the same way as she did them before.)

Elmira: Think of where this all began, and then you'll understand the plan.

Harlan: (to himself) Where this all began... where it all began! We're going home! Yes!

Elmira: (moving to Thelma) A hole in space that glows with light will take you all away tonight.

Harlan: The white circle, Thelma! You're gonna find the white circle, and we're gonna go home!

Elmira: (moving to commander) Not many STARDOGS live to say they've seen what you will see today.

Goddard: What does that mean?

Elmira: (looking confused) What does what mean?

Harlan: It sounded like bad news. And all of her predictions have come true.

Elmira: Not all of them.

Goddard: Not yet.

(Miss Davenport's face appears on the screen. She is moaning.)

Harlan: There's another one!

Davenport: (on-screen) Oooh... I am a ghost...

Goddard: Get to the command post.

(Harlan and the commander leave.)

Goddard: Radu, stay with her!

(Radu looks over at Elmira, and we see her looking back at him.)


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(Command Post. Miss Davenport is still moaning, and we see Bova filming her. Harlan and Commander Goddard are coming in as the scene starts.)

Goddard: What's going on? Miss Davenport, are you all right?

Davenport: (looking at screen) There! A ghost on every wall just as Elmira predicted. The way to control your destiny is to make it happen yourself. Now, I must moan for four days, just as Elmira said.

Bova: I don't know, Miss Davenport. That's forcing it, don't you think?

Davenport: No! I don't think. Neither will you.

(She smacks Bova and goes back to moaning.)

Catalina: Commander? The scanners are picking up something.

(Commander Goddard and Harlan go to look at her console.

Team Room. Elmira is still seated, and Radu is standing across from her with his arms crossed. He obviously doesn't want to be there. Elmira puts another code into the console in front of her. She then stands and walks over to Radu as she talks.)

Elmira: Fire and darkness you will tame, hero added to your name. Noble Radu, worthy and brave, those who scorn you you will save.

Radu: So it is an act, isn't it?

Elmira: No, it isn't. But I like to use sparkly dust because people like a performance. That's all. Harlanband doesn't hate you, Radu. He's afraid of you.

Radu: Afraid?

(He laughs scornfully.)

Elmira: Yes. Every time he looks at you, he's afraid that everything he knows is wrong. And so are you, every time you look at me.

(Cut to the Command Post. Rosie and Bova are working at one post, Catalina at another, and Harlan is standing at his post with Commander Goddard a ways behind him.)

Catalina: Something big dropping out of hyperspace!

(As the kill-cruiser becomes evident on the screen, Goddard steps to stand behind Harlan.)

Goddard: That's a Spung kill-cruiser.

(We cut to an outside shot, and see the Christa dwarfed by the much larger ship, then back inside.)

Goddard: Stand by for evasive maneuvers!

(Miss Davenport is still moaning. We see Harlan and Commander Goddard look at each other in disgust.

Team Room. As Warlord Shank's voice begins to come from the console, Radu looks at it in surprise.)

Warlord Shank: Attention! This is Warlord Shank, of the Spung Kill-cruiser Kazada. Stand by to surrender your ship or be destroyed.

Radu: I was right. You tricked us!

Elmira: No, Radu. They're not after you, they're after me. They want me for my talent! They want to use my power for military purposes. We both are very much alike, Radu. We're both - outsiders. We understand each other.

Radu: Why should I believe you now? Maybe we should keep you as a hostage!

Elmira: Then Warlord Shank will destroy all of us. If he can't have me, he'd rather kill me then let anyone else have the use of my powers. You've gotta let me go, Radu.

Radu: And what if you want to get off this ship just so Warlord Shank can destroy us?

Elmira: If Warlord Shank wanted to destroy the Christa, he would have done so already. Do you really think he'd worry about the life of a female Spung? If you hold me, he'll capture us all. And we're running out of time.

(Command Post. First, we see the ship on the screen, then cut to the crew.)

Davenport: Oh, my! Oh, oh, my!

Goddard: Not many people have seen a Spung kill-cruiser up close and lived to tell about it.

Harlan: How many?

Goddard: If we live, we'll be the first.

(Harlan looks in shock at Commander Goddard, who nods.

Cut to the corridor. Radu is carrying Elmira's console as she follows behind him and they walk quickly to the Airlock. He puts it down and opens the inner door.)

Radu: (as the inner door is opening) This could be a big mistake.

Elmira: You know it isn't.

Radu: I don't know that.

Elmira: Then why did you change your mind?

Radu: I'm trusting that you told the truth. About me and about Harlan. And all your other predictions came true. You're right. You are a powerful weapon. We can't let you be captured.

(She kisses him on the cheek and steps into the airlock. He hands the console to her and closes the door, as we cut to another outside shot.

Command Post. We see Warlord Shank on the screen, then cut to Harlan as he is speaking.)

Harlan: I'm warning you, Warlord. The hull of this ship is made with cinarite. Destroy us and the resulting explosion will destroy you, too.

Warlord Shank: You don't seriously expect me to fall for such an obvious bluff, do you?

(He laughs, and the screen goes back to showing the wall.)

Goddard: Nice try, Harlan.

(Radu comes flying out of the tubes.)

Catalina: Where is she?

Radu: She got away.

Goddard: (nods) Stations, everybody! Prepare for hyperdrive! Let's see if we can outrun them.

Harlan: Not a problem.

Thelma: (entering) I have a surprise to announce.

Radu: Commander! Elmira's ship - it's moving towards -

Harlan: Look!

Thelma: (as we see it on the screen) The white circle has returned!

Harlan: Just like Elmira said. It's gonna take us back to where this all began.

Catalina: But Catalina says if we go in we could be destroyed!

Radu: If we stay here we're dead anyway.

Harlan: And Elmira said that the white circle would be back to take us home.

Goddard: Yeah, but she didn't guarantee it would get us home alive. We've got no choice. Do it!

(Cut to an outside shot of the ship preparing for hyperdrive. When we cut back, Radu and Catalina both seem uncertain as they give the reports.)

Radu: Course laid in.

Catalina: Thrusters on-line.

Harlan: Bringing us around. Commander! The kill-cruiser's moving to intercept!

Radu: What about Elmira?

Catalina: I'm picking up a transmission.

(We see Elmira's ship on the screen as we hear her.)

Elmira: Attention Christa. Dive for the white circle. It's your only chance.

Radu: Eleven seconds to interception!

Harlan: Punch it!

(We see a shot of the Christa flying toward the white circle.)

Catalina: Turn around, Elmira, come with us!

Elmira: My destiny lies elsewhere.

(Another outside shot. The Christa is flying towards the white circle. We see a close-up of the kill-cruiser as it gears up to fire, then does, several times, and we cut to an inside shot of sparks flying everywhere on the Christa. Everyone is shaking violently except Radu. Miss Davenport is screaming.)

Radu: We're not gonna make it!

(We see Elmira's small ship flying along the underbelly of the kill-cruiser, firing at it.)

Catalina: Look! It's Elmira! She's firing on the Spung, distracting them!

Harlan: White circle dead ahead!

Radu: We have to go back! Go back and help her!

Harlan: We can't! The white circle's gravity field has got us! It's too late to break out!

Goddard: Hang on!

(Outside shot again, as the Christa goes through the white circle and bursts out on the other side.)

Harlan: We made it. It's over.

Goddard: Is everybody all right?

(We see Miss Davenport standing up, then cut to Radu.)

Radu: Yeah. Look! Rosie and Catalina are back to normal!

Rosie: (feeling her face) Our going through the white circle must have done it!

Catalina: Suzee, are you all right? Oh, good.

Rosie: I'm back to normal, too! Two hundred degrees.

Davenport: Lovely. I can stop moaning now.

Goddard: Harlan, scan for the Starcademy.

Harlan: It's not here.

(Everyone frowns and looks disappointed.)

Harlan: It's just empty space.

Radu: Scanning for position.

(Cut to outside shot, then back to Radu.)

Radu: Uh-oh.

Catalina: Elmira's predictions were wrong?

Harlan: No, I think she was right.

Radu: We're back where this all began. (in a choked voice) Where the white circle dropped us off the first time. Seven years, four months, and twenty-two days from home.

Bova: Oh, no.

Radu: Do you think Elmira survived?

Goddard: I don't know. She was outgunned, but she was small, maneuverable. I don't know.

Catalina: Do you think we'll ever see her again?

Radu: I think so.

Harlan: Did she predict that?

Radu: No. I'm predicting it.

(He throws a handful of her sparkly dust in the air, and just before we cut to an outside shot, Bova sneezes again.)


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