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Who Goes Where

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Initial Credits:

Producer: Irene Litinsky
Production Designer: Real Proulx
Director of Photography: Marc Charlebois
Original Music Score: Jeff Fisher
Editor: Jean Beaudoin
Written by: Peter David and Bill Mumy
Director: John Bell


(We see an outside shot of the ship where a tiny figure is attached by a line to the airlock, and is being drawn inside. Cut to on the ship near the inner airlock door. Rosie is pacing back and forth, and as we hear the outer door open, she runs over to the inner door as it opens a few moments later. The figure comes in, carrying a metal containment unit.)

Rosie: Did you find it, Radu? Did you find what was floating out there?

Radu: Sure did. And it was just what it looked like on the monitor.

Rosie: It couldn't be!

Radu: (removing his helmet) I'll show you.

Rosie: Oh, wait, Radu! Should we really just bring stuff in we found floating in space? Maybe we should study it first -

Radu: (crouching next to the unit) Rosie, it's just a toy. Like the others we found down in the cargo hold. You know all those stuffed ones you put in your room? That's why I knew you'd like this.

(He opens the unit and takes out the bear.)

Rosie: Oh, he's so cute! What kind of a dope would toss a perfectly good Earth bear into space?

Radu: Beats me.

Rosie: It was so sweet of you to go to all this trouble for me.

Radu: I was happy to. You see, you're the only person on the ship who's really nice to me. It's just my way of saying thanks.

Rosie: Yeah, well, when I get done telling them what you did, they'll all -

Radu: Uh, maybe we should keep it just between you and me for now. I'm not sure if I broke any rules doing this.

Rosie: Oh, well, I wouldn't want you to get in any trouble. Plus, you know, I really should run some tests, just to play it safe.

Radu: You're probably right. On this ship...

(He closes the unit, but not before we see the bear glow purple.)

Radu: you can't be too careful.

(He stands and gives the containment unit to Rosie.)

Rosie: Thanks again!

(She walks off. We see Radu's hand glow purple as he wipes his hand on his forehead and shivers. Harlan is walking past in the corridor, sees him, and stops.)

Harlan: What's with the EVA suit?

(Radu turns quickly, and we see a twisted view of Harlan as Radu is seeing him; as a hideous monster. We keep switching from the warped view to a normal, very confused Harlan, who is only trying to talk to him. Radu keeps pulling back as Harlan speaks and walks toward him.)

Harlan: What are you looking at? (in a warped "monster" voice) What's your problem? You've never seen anyone from Earth before?

(By this time, Radu has backed up against the airlock, and is screaming and shaking with terror.)


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Opening Credits:

Narration: The Eye of the Future sees them. Five clever space cadets snuck aboard an alien ship, flung through a weird hole in space, thousands of light-years from the Academy. Will they ever get home? Or are they forever destined to be... Space Cases?


Walter Emmanuel Jones as Harlan Band
Jewel Staite as Catalina
Kristian Ayre as Radu
Rahi Azizi as Bova
Paige Christina as Rosie Ianni
Anik Matern as Thelma
Cary Lawrence as T.J. Davenport


Paul Boretski as Commander Seth Goddard

Created by: Bill Mumy and Peter David

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(We cut back to the Airlock, where Radu yells and cowers as Harlan approaches.)

Harlan: What's going on with you? You got something on your mind?

Radu: No, uh, I'm, I'm fine.

(He walks off, looking at Harlan suspiciously over his shoulder. He turns the corner in the corridor before Harlan speaks.)

Harlan: (quietly) Andromedans, they're all crazy!

Radu: (yelling from off-screen) I heard that!

(Harlan glances over his shoulder, then keeps walking.)

Harlan: How could you not, with those ears.

Radu: (from off-screen) I heard that, too!

(Surprised, Harlan looks over his shoulder again. Then he shrugs.

Cut to the Galley where Radu is getting a tube out of the food wheel machine. When he opens it, a "plastic snake" (a hallucination) pops out. He yells, staggers to the table in surprise, and sits.)

Radu: (thinking) You're losing it, Radu. Losing your mind. You've got to tell someone, but who can you trust? (pauses) None of them. Not yet. Not until you figure this out. You've just got to -

Goddard: (over intercom) Mr. Radu, please report to the Command Post.

Radu: I'm on my way.

(Cut to Rosie entering the Girls' Bunkroom with the containment unit. Catalina is dancing around the room in a purple unitard and a rainbow sash.)

Rosie: Uh, Catalina, why the outfit?

(Rosie crosses the room to her bed as Catalina speaks.)

Catalina: Well, back home on Saturn, it's the rejoicing festival this week.

Rosie: Rejoicing festival? Sounds like my kind of holiday!

(Rosie presses a panel to open her bunk and sets the containment unit on her bed.)

Catalina: We have to spend the entire week dancing and ringing little bells and stuff (sarcastically) to celebrate being alive.

Rosie: Sounds fun!

(Catalina opens the unit. The bear is sitting there innocently. She looks suspiciously at Rosie.)

Catalina: What's with the bear?

Rosie: (not very convincingly) Um, what bear?

Catalina: Fine.

(She closes the unit.)

Catalina: What bear.

(She takes a last glance at the unit, rolls her eyes, and starts dancing around again.)

Catalina: Zabagabe, zabagabe, zabagabe, zabagabe...

(She keeps repeating "Zabagabe" until the door closes behind her. Rosie looks after her curiously.)

(Outside shot)

Harlan: (voice-over) What do you mean I need extra practice at helm?

(Cut to the Command Post. Harlan is standing at his post, and Commander Goddard is on the upper level looking at him. Thelma is working on a console in the corner.)

Harlan: (jumping down from his post to stand over by Goddard) You know what the problem is, you and Miss Davenport won't admit I'm a good helmsman. You won't admit I'm good at anything.

Thelma: (coming over to him) Oh, that's not true, Harlan. I've heard Miss Davenport say you are good at many things.

Harlan: Oh, yeah?

Thelma: Yes. Good at goofing off. Good at making excuses. Good for nothing. Good -

Harlan: Thanks, Thelma. (sarcastically) I feel better now.

(Thelma looks satisfied and moves away.)

Goddard: (coming over to Harlan) What you need the most practice at, Mr. Band, is operating smoothly as part of a team.

(Harlan shakes his head in a "whatever" sort of way.)

Goddard: You're skilled at helm, but you need a good navigator, and Radu's the best we've got. He's dependable, he's level-headed, he's -

(Radu comes shooting out of the tubes. He cowers in the corner by the jumptubes, looking at the others with a terrified expression on his face. He's shaking.)

Goddard: Radu? What's wrong?

(We see Radu's perspective of the commander and Harlan - two monsters.)

Goddard: (in a warped voice) He doesn't look right.

(As the picture and voice come back to normal.)

Goddard: The last time he looked this out of it was (warped) because his internal atmosphere was out of kilter.

(Radu cringes and turns his head away from them.)

Harlan: (warped) Oh, yeah, he's not going to start venting steam from his ears and bouncing again, is he?

(As we cut back to a normal view, Commander Goddard shakes his head distractedly, still trying to figure out what's wrong.)

Harlan: Andromedans have weird biology.

Goddard: Thelma!

Thelma: Commander?

Goddard: Come here and take his temperature.

(Thelma hurries over to Radu and sticks her finger in his ear.)

Thelma: His temperature is thirty-five degrees Celsius. Low, even for Andromedans. Oh, and his barometric pressure is dropping. (taking her finger out of his ear) I think he's going to snow.

Goddard: That's ridiculous.

(Radu sneezes, and snow flies out of his ears. Harlan and Commander Goddard look at each other, amazed.

Cut to Miss Davenport entering the Team Room, carrying a huge stack of books. Bova and Rosie are standing around the central table.)

Davenport: I know you're on your free time but I can't wait to show you these. They're called books. They were in a cargo hold.

Bova: Books?

Davenport: Like CompuPads, but made with paper.

Rosie: (picking one up gingerly) Great! So how do you turn them on?

Davenport: You don't, Rosie, you open it.

(Rosie attempts to open it, but is holding it by the binding so that the book is open, but upside down. Miss Davenport gently corrects her.)

Davenport: They cover a variety of topics. And best of all, they're written in languages we can understand!

Rosie: Any medical books?

Davenport: Ooh, still aspiring to the healing arts! Good for you, Rosie. I suspect you'll have an excellent bedside manner.

(She crosses to where Bova is sitting, enthralled in a thick book.)

Davenport: That's interesting, Bova. What prompted you to choose a book on science? (she checks the cover) Specifically, xenobiology?

Bova: It's the latest.

Davenport: Don't be fooled! Science is very challenging, but also very exciting. (excitedly) Analyzing strange phenomena, putting bizarre and perplexing organisms into specimen jars and studying them -

(Catalina enters. This time she's wearing a rainbow-striped dress. She dances in a circle around the three of them.)

Catalina: Zabagabe, zabagabe, zabagabe, zabagabe, zabagabe...

(Again, she keeps repeating it until the door closes behind her as she leaves the room. The others look after her with strange expressions on their faces.)

Bova: Do they make really big specimen jars?

(Cut the Corridor where Radu is coming through a doorway, with Harlan right behind him.)

Radu: I don't feel like lying down! I'm fine! Why is everybody hounding me?

Harlan: Hey, fella, I'm not the walking snowblower, okay?

(Harlan walks off.)

Radu: (thinking) Of course! That's it! They've changed. But they're trying to make me think I've changed! It's a plot! (whispering, out loud) It's a plot!

Harlan: (coming back over) What?

Radu: Uh, I'm not feeling so hot. I, I really should lie down, I was just trying to be a tough guy. You know, uh, like you.

(He goes down the corridor.)

Harlan: (grinning) Well, can't argue with that!

(Harlan turns to leave and crashes into Catalina, knocking her to the ground.)

Harlan: I'm sorry! Are you okay?

Catalina: No, I'm not okay! I could have sprained my ankle... (she realizes what she can do with this) You know, I think it is sprained - or broken! Maybe I should just stay off my feet.

Harlan: I better take you to medlab, come on.

(He pulls her to her feet and is half-carrying her down the hall as she struggles to get away.)

Catalina: Oh, no, medlab isn't necessary. I'll just head off to the bunkroom.

Harlan: No, no, no, really, it's no trouble.

Catalina: No, it's okay! It's okay! I'm fine!

Harlan: No, you really should go! Come on...

(Cut to the Boys' Bunkroom where Bova is sitting at the center table, reading his new book.)

Bova: Ten things to say upon encountering new life; One: Fascinating. Two: It's like nothing we've ever seen before. Three: Watch out! Here it comes! Four -

(Radu comes in through the door. He has frost forming on his eyebrows, and he's shivering.)

Bova: Oh, hi.

(Bova turns back to his book, then looks up again.)

Bova: You know your eyebrows are turning white?

(Radu slowly circles the room staring at Bova while Bova looks at him oddly.)

Radu: (thinking) Of course! It's obvious! They've been taken over by an alien life form. They look normal, but they're not. They can't take me over because I'm Andromedan, but sooner or later - (out loud) they'll get rid of me. (thinking) And when they finally get back to the Starcademy, they'll spread their infection to every other world. They'll take over the galaxy. And no one can do anything about it. No one! Except me. (out loud, yelling) I've got to do something!

(He turns and runs right into the door, then falls to the ground as the door opens.)

Bova: Interesting choice.

(Outside shot)

Goddard: (voice-over) Okay, Mr. Band. Course correction to Y-axis one-two-three. Execute.

(Cut to the Command Post. Harlan is standing at his post with Commander Goddard behind him. Thelma is working on a console behind them.)

Harlan: Not bad, eh? (he laughs)

Goddard: No, not bad. But you never question my instructions. You keep second-guessing Radu, though, and sooner or later that lack of trust is gonna get someone killed. (over his shoulder) Thelma!

(Thelma looks up from her work.)

Goddard: Go see if Mr. Radu's feeling better. I'd really like him to take a turn at navigation.

Thelma: Aye-aye, sir.

(As Harlan moves the controls again, we cut to an outside shot as the ship swoops off in another new direction.

Cut to Medlab. Catalina is lying on the padded chair as Rosie examines her leg with a strange instrument. Miss Davenport is entering.)

Rosie: According to this, it's just a pulled muscle, Cat.

Catalina: Well, it feels a lot worse than that.

Rosie: I think a few seconds of simple heat application should do it.

Davenport: Can you control your heat abilities to that fine a degree, Rosie?

Rosie: Sure. Heat control is a natural talent for Mercurians.

Catalina: Yeah. And not getting our feet burned off at the ankle is a natural talent for a Saturnian - excuse me!

(She attempts to stand, but Miss Davenport puts a hand on her shoulder to stop her.)

Rosie: Relax! This is so easy, I can do it right through the gloves! Watch.

(Catalina leans over to see, and we see Rosie place her glowing hands on Cat's leg.)

Catalina: Uh, maybe I should just stay off it - for at least the rest of the day.

(We see Rosie's face. She knows what Cat's trying to do.)

Catalina: Maybe two. I think I should take the week off.

Rosie: (removing her hands from Cat's leg) That should do it! Give it a try.

(Catalina stands and almost falls again. Miss Davenport catches her and helps her regain her balance.)

Catalina: (sarcastically) That's great, thanks.

Davenport: You know, Catalina, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to avoid celebrating your holiday.

Catalina: Avoid celebrating the most exhausting holiday in the universe? Oh, grozit, no, why would I want to take that chance?

Davenport: I'm so pleased.

(Cut to the Team Room where Radu is pacing back and forth as Thelma comes in, and is still shivering. His eyelashes and eyebrows are both covered with frost now, and he's white as a ghost.)

Thelma: There you are! Are you feeling better?

Radu: Get away from me!

Thelma: (backing up quickly) The commander said to check on you.

Radu: So, it's my turn, huh?

Thelma: Yes, it is.

Radu: Then the game is over.

Thelma: Oh, I did not know we'd started. Are we playing Minbar Chess, or perhaps -

Radu: You're one of them, aren't you? One of the others.

Thelma: Yes, I suppose I am.

Radu: (turning to look at her) You'll never take me alive!

(Thelma gets a look of shock at Radu's expression. He growls and rushes at her. Cut to a shot of Bova outside, listening to Radu's screams from inside. Suddenly, the door opens. Radu rushes out, screams in Bova's face and runs off down the corridor. Bova looks after him, perplexed. Bova shrugs and goes into the Team Room, but stops dead in the doorway. It's been trashed - everything is tipped over, broken and smashed. The last thing we see before the commercial is Thelma, lying on the ground with one of her arms ripped off.)


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(Outside shot. Cut to the Corridor where Catalina is dancing back and forth, saying "Zabagabe!" Radu is attempting to get by her, but she keeps unknowingly blocking his path. Finally he grabs the huge jeweled stick she is carrying, breaks it in half, throws down one part of it, then rushes off.)

Catalina: Everybody's a music critic!

(Cut to the Team Room. The commander has reattached Thelma's arm and is trying to get her to start up.)

Davenport: Radu did this? Oh, I can't believe it. It makes no sense!

Goddard: Believe me, Miss Davenport. I fought Andromedans during the war. With their strength and endurance, they don't have to make sense to be deadly!

(He gives her Thelma's hand.)

Davenport: It's a good thing Harlan isn't hearing you spout such rubbish! What with the bad blood already between him and Radu -

Goddard: This isn't about people's feelings, Miss Davenport! It's about survival. If Radu's turned against us for some reason, the blood's gonna be a lot worse than bad!

(After he makes one more tiny adjustment, Thelma's eyes pop open.)

Goddard: Thelma, you online yet?

Thelma: I think so.

Goddard: Tell us what happened, from the beginning.

Thelma: All right. First the universe was void and without form. Then there was a big bang, and then -

Davenport: This could take a while.

(Cut to Catalina entering the Engine Room, looking for Radu.)

Catalina: Radu? Is something wrong? Why'd you run off?

Catalina: Radu? What's going on? Why'd you run? (she sees him crouched behind the hyperdrive processor) What's your problem?

(He jumps up, and holds out part of Catalina's broken stick in a threatening manner. He has ice on his face. We see a warped view of Catalina.)

Catalina: Uh, that's a (in a warped voice) - that's a new look for you, isn't it? (in her normal voice, as he advances menacingly on her) Okay, if you hate the dancing that much, I won't do it anymore, okay? (warped) Friends?

Radu: Friends? You're not my friend!

(He lunges at her with the stick and she rolls out of the way. He ends up face-down on the floor, recovers, then starts approaching her again.)

Catalina: I'm warning you!

(He continues coming after her, raising the stick higher and higher above his head as he gets closer. Just as he's about to hit her she scream-blasts him, and he drops the stick and runs off with his hands over his ears.)

(Cut to the Team Room, where Thelma is still explaining.)

Thelma: - then, Radu lifted me over his head. And the last thing I remember was, the floor coming at me very quickly! Commander? What did he mean when he said I was one of the others?

Goddard: It's not you. I don't know what happened, all I know is we're on a ship with a berserk Andromedan.

(Cut to the Command Post. Radu comes shooting out of the tubes. Harlan is standing at his post, with his back to Radu. We see Radu, who is now completely covered in icicles. But Harlan doesn't realize anything's wrong.)

Radu: (in a soft, creepy sing-song voice) Harlan...

Harlan: Well, you sure took your sweet time getting here. Look, if we're gonna have to work together, the least you can do is not keep me waiting for you.

Goddard: (over intercom) Attention. Attention all hands. This is Commander Goddard. There's no delicate way to put this. Mr. Radu, for reasons we have not yet determined, is out of control. We must consider him dangerous, extremely dangerous.

(Harlan turns and notices Radu's state for the first time. Radu stares back, and we see the warped view of Harlan that he sees.)

Goddard: (over intercom) If you encounter him, do not approach him. I repeat, Mr. Radu is extremely dangerous.

(As we see another warped view of Harlan, Radu begins walking toward him.)

Radu: Didn't you hear your leader? I'm extremely dangerous.

Harlan: Hey, I can be pretty dangerous, too. And I'm not afraid of you.

(He takes his jacket off, assumes a karate position, and the two circle each other. Radu rushes for him, Harlan rolls across the floor out of the way and Radu's hand goes through one of the consoles. Then Harlan goes to the upper level and flips over Radu's head when he goes to get him. Harlan runs to the intercom.)

Harlan: Commander! He's up here! He's in the Command Post! Commander!

(We see a gray-gloved hand grab his shoulder and pull him away.)

(Cut back to the Team Room)

Goddard: Terrific! He beat us there! I have to move fast!

Catalina: Commander! Suzee and I think we should shut down the engines! If Radu has command of the ship -

Goddard: He could do something cute, like set the engines to self-destruct - anything's possible. Yeah, get down to the engine room - shut 'em down. Davenport, Bova, Rosie, go with her. I'll take the tubes.

(Commander Goddard takes off down the tubes and Miss Davenport, Catalina, Bova and Rosie, in that order, head down to the Engine Room.)

Rosie: I don't understand!

Bova: Maybe he came into direct contact with something unusual!

(Rosie has a mental picture of the bear.)

Rosie: The bear!

(She turns and runs back through the door into the corridor.

Cut to the Command Post. Commander Goddard comes shooting out of the tubes, ready to fight. He looks around, but there is no one there. So he leaves again.

Cut to a shot of Radu walking down the corridor with an unconscious Harlan over his shoulder.

Cut to the Team Room as Rosie rushes back in. Thelma is still trying to straighten up the mess.)

Rosie: Where's Commander Goddard?

Thelma: Heading towards the command post.

Rosie: He did it for me, that makes me responsible! Thelma, do you know anything about the area of space we've been passing through?

Thelma: It is an territory that a race called the Straczin have tried to conquer from time to time.

Rosie: Conquer? How? By war?

Thelma: Well, not full-scale war. They're aggressive, but not very rich. They prefer to leave booby traps. Their favorite type involves germ warfare. Viruses, that can survive in the cold of space. Hidden on harmless-looking objects. Antiques, collected from throughout the uni -

(Rosie runs off and heads down a jumptube.

Cut to the Airlock where Radu lays Harlan down on his back and looks at the jumptube doors.

Cut the Engine Room where Catalina and Bova are working at the consoles as Davenport anxiously hovers over their shoulders.)

Catalina: Suzee and I think that this should do it.

Davenport: Catalina, promise you won't mention Suzee for the next five minutes and I won't say she's imaginary for the next ten, deal?

(Everything shuts down.)

Davenport: Where's Rosie?

(Cut to the Airlock where Radu is standing, watching it close. As Rosie runs in and starts talking to him, he turns around.)

Rosie: Radu, it's not your fault! It was something on the bear! A booby-trapped virus that survived in the cold of space! And when you brought the bear in, the virus jumped to you!

Radu: No, you're one of them!

Rosie: Radu, it's made you sick! Affected the way you think! You're delirious! Radu, listen to me!

Harlan: (yelling from in the airlock) Let me out of here!

Rosie: Harlan?

(She runs to the airlock controls, but Radu gets there first and rips the controls out of the wall.)

Radu: You're all out to get me!

Rosie: Radu, we... (she tries to grab his shoulders to placate him, but he shrugs her off) we've got to get Harlan out of there before the outside airlock opens! If we don't, he'll get blown out into space! He'll die! Radu, it's me, Rosie. I've never lied to you, you know that! Trust me.

Radu: Trust you?

Rosie: I can help you, Radu. For all our sakes.

(She approaches him with glowing hands.)

Harlan: (yelling from the airlock) Radu, I'll get you for this!

Radu: It's a trick! I knew it!

(He charges at her, but Rosie grabs his hands before he can touch her. They both are glowing. We see a quick shot of Commander Goddard running down a corridor then going down a jumptube, then cut back to the Airlock in time to see Rosie let go of Radu. There's a loud crack of thunder as they pull apart and he falls back toward the airlock door and lies there for a few seconds, coughing. But when he looks up, he's back to normal.)

Radu: You did it! Rosie, I felt like I was trapped in some other mind, like I was -

Harlan: The outside door's opening!

Radu: Harlan!

Harlan: Get me out of here!

(He jumps up and goes to the control panel, realizes that it's useless, and goes to the door. Suddenly, he looks over his shoulder at Rosie.)

Radu: Rosie, get away, now!

Rosie: You'll be pulled out into space, too!

Radu: I said now!

(Rosie runs off. Radu is slowly prying the door open.)

Radu: Harlan, I'm coming!

Harlan: I can't hold on!

(As the airlock becomes fully open, Rosie is out in the corridor being pulled back toward it. But as she passes by the jumptubes, Commander Goddard, who has just come out, grabs her hand and pulls her back.

Cut back to the Airlock where Radu is slowly pulling Harlan back in.)

Radu: I've got you! Trust me!

(Cut back to the Corridor where Rosie and the Commander are huddled against the decompression.)

Goddard: Radu!

(Cut back to the Airlock where Radu finally pulls Harlan in. As soon as the door closes, he and Radu both collapse on the floor. In the corridor, as Commander Goddard looks down the corridor and realizes everyone is safe, he hugs Rosie. An alarm can faintly be heard going off as Thelma walks over to the two boys.)

Thelma: Forcing open the inner airlock door while the outer door is open is a safety hazard. Please, don't do it again. Thank you.

(She walks off, and Harlan and Radu look at each other as if to say, "What?". They both fall back on the floor again.

Outside shot, then cut to Command Post. Rosie is wrapping up Radu's hands.)

Radu: I'm sorry, Commander. This whole thing was my fault.

Goddard: Don't worry about it, it's all right, Mr. Radu.

Harlan: It's all right? It's all right? He - he could have killed us! And he's supposed to be the navigator!

Goddard: What's the matter, Mr. Band? Afraid he can't be trusted with your life?

Harlan: Well, he - he almost - and then - and I was - and you know - and then - and if he hadn't of - I'll get back to you on it.

Goddard: There will be disciplinary action, Mr. Radu. However, your heroic behavior in saving your classmates will factor in. In the meantime, take some time off. Get yourself fully recovered.

Rosie: And I even disinfected the bear, so he can keep you company.

(Rosie hands Radu the bear.)

Radu: I'll get some rest. But a little later. Right now, I think I owe somebody a dance.

Goddard: A what?

(Catalina comes shooting out of the tubes.)

Catalina: Zabagabe!

(Radu sets the bear down and walks over to her.)

Radu: (shrugging) Zabagabe!

(The two of them start dancing. The entire rest of the scene is played without dialog. Within a few seconds, Rosie goes over to Harlan and asks him to dance. The adults follow suit in a few more seconds. As everyone is dancing, including Thelma just sort of dancing with no one, Bova comes in, standing in the middle of the group, and looks around at all of the rest of the crew. He rolls his eyes and goes off down the tubes.)


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