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We Gotta Get Out of This Place

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Walter Emmanuel Jones as Harlan Band
Jewel Staite as Catalina
Paige Christina as Rosie Ianni
Rahi Azizi as Bova
Kristian Ayre as Radu
Cary Lawrence as T.J. Davenport
Anik Matern as Thelma
Paul Boretski as Commander Seth Goddard

Created by: Bill Mumy and Peter David
Production Designer: Real Proulx
Director of Photography: Marc Charlebois
Original Music Score: Jeff Fisher
Editor: Jean Beaudin
Producer: Irene Litinsky
Written by: Peter David and Bill Mumy
Director: John Bell

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(The Space Cases logo shows on the screen. Fade to a star background, and then we see the Christa fly by.

Fade to a shot of the Starcademy, which slowly moves closer. The phrase "Sapentia Sine Fronteras" can be seen on part of the Starcademy.)

Davenport: (voice-over) Harlan Band from Earth.

(Cut to the interior of a classroom. Harlan is entering the room. Miss Davenport is standing in the middle of the room, while the other four cadets are sitting on risers apart from each other.)

Harlan: Miss Davenport, you can see we're all here, why even bother taking attendance?

Davenport: As assistant principal I believe in regulations and procedure, Mister Band. If you added those two words to your vocabulary, you could...

Catalina: Double it?

(Harlan makes a "yeah, yeah..." face and gesture at her.

Miss Davenport takes attendance, walking around the classroom and pausing by each cadet when she says their name. The actors' credits play during the roll call, each credit appearing as Miss Davenport pauses by their respective character.)

Davenport: Harlan Band from Earth, check. Catalina from Saturn, check.

Catalina: (raising her hand) Oh, Suzee's here too.

Davenport: Oh, joy. Your imaginary friend's here, too.

(Harlan laughs at Catalina, who makes a face.)

Davenport: Rosie Ianni from Mercury colony, check.

Rosie: Good morning, Miss Davenport.

Davenport: Bova from...

Bova: Don't say it...

Davenport: Uranus.

Bova: I hate being from Uranus. I'm the butt of every joke.

Davenport: And Radu from Andromeda. Mister Radu. I admit I had particularly high hopes for you, being our first Andromedan here at Starcademy.

(She walks over to a podium and stands behind it.)

Davenport: I had hopes for you all, really.

Harlan: You just wait, Miss Davenport. Maybe we can't do the job on paper, but we can do it when it counts. On our field tests we'll pass with...

Davenport: Your field tests have been canceled.

(Cut to close-ups on each of the cadets in turn as they speak.)

Harlan: What?!

Catalina: What?!

Rosie: What?!

Bova: What?!

Radu: What?!

All the cadets: What?!

Davenport: Field training in space is both a privilege and a reward for excellence.

Harlan: The other cadets are already out on their field training! We deserve our shot. It's not fair!

Davenport: The vacuum of space isn't fair either, Mister Band. It can destroy anyone who doesn't have what it takes to survive, and none of you has what it takes. I think so, and so does your... teacher... Commander Goddard. It is for your own good.

(She walks out of the room.)

Harlan: I'll never get out into space!

(He lets out a sound of frustration and goes over to a window.)

Harlan: Hey. Where did that come from?

(The cadets all glance over, then get up and join him at the window. We see what they see - the Christa. The episode's title: We Gotta Get Out of This Place appears briefly. The Christa flies by, then we cut back to the cadets in the classroom)

Harlan: (mouths the word "Wow," then says aloud) I've never seen anything like it! It's a completely alien design.

Catalina: Can you imagine meeting a whole new race?

Harlan: Let's do more than imagine it.

Radu: You're not serious?!

Harlan: I say we take a spaceway out there, make first contact. We'll make history!

Catalina: We'll *be* history. Uh-uh, Harlan, no way. Forget it.

(Cut to a wide shot of a spaceway [like a tube of bright light] being formed between the Starcademy and the Christa.)

Harlan: (voice-over) Spaceway connection made. Let's go!

(Cut to an open doorway with bright light coming from it. The cadets walk into view in a line, with Catalina in front walking backwards.)

Catalina: This is a major mistake. Big time. Bi-i-ig time. Let's just... (couple words I can't make out) Aaah!

(She disappears into the doorway, the other cadets following behind her.

Cut to a wide shot of the cadets walking through the spaceway. Fade to the cadets walking through one of the ship's corridors.)

Catalina: (awed) Look at the design of this ship. I'm so glad I decided to come up here.

Harlan: I practically had to drag you.

Catalina: Saturn girls don't go anywhere they don't want to, Harlan.

Harlan: (snotty) Yeah...

Catalina: Just remember there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

Harlan: Not to me.

(Catalina looks at him strangely. Harlan laughs, then stops and realizes what he just said.)

Radu: The walls. They feel... warm.

(Catalina holds her flashlight out in front of her and looks around.)

Catalina: Like the heat from the engines?

Radu: No, it's a... it's something different.

(He touches the wall, and a rainbow-colored glow envelops his hand. There is a short musical tone, and then he smiles at the others. Catalina stares at the wall, then touches it. The same glow envelops her hand, there is another musical tone, similar to Radu's but different, and she also smiles. Harlan, Bova and Rosie follow suit. Two doors [possibly the same door in two different shots] open. The cadets all drop their hands away from the wall and move closer together, startled.)

Harlan: All right, look, let's spread out. Let's find out who's running this ship. Catalina, go with Radu. Rosie, Bova...

Catalina: Hey! Who put you in charge?

Harlan: It was just a suggestion. Do whatever you want.

(He starts walking away.)

Radu: Harlan!

(Harlan stops and turns to look at Radu as he walks up to him.)

Radu: Uh, why not stick with Catalina and me? You know, it might be safer.

Harlan: Safer? With an Andromedan watching my back? Ha. No thanks.

(He starts to walk away again.)

Radu: What is your problem?

(Harlan walks back over.)

Harlan: I don't like Andromedans. Period.

(He walks away again. Radu looks like he's about say something, but stays quiet.

Cut to the door of the Starcademy classroom opening. As Commander Goddard speaks he and Miss Davenport enter the room.)

Goddard: Trying to teach them anything is tough enough, Miss Davenport, and now you expect me to baby-sit them during their...

(He trails off, and the two of them look around, noticing for the first time that the classroom is empty. Commander Goddard walks over to the window, notices the Christa, and runs out of the classroom with an alarmed look on his face. Miss Davenport follows right behind him.

Cut to a door on the Christa opening, revealing Harlan standing behind it.)

Harlan: Whoa...

(He enters the Command Post, and starts walking around, a look of wonder on his face.)

Harlan: Man...

(He notices Thelma, who is lying on her back with her arms and legs bent in the air like she's sitting. Her eyes are closed.)

Harlan: Miss, are you OK?

(He taps the metal "cap" she's wearing, and a sound much like the one you get when you tap porcelain is heard.)

Harlan: She's an android. Cool!

(Harlan pulls her upright into a sitting position and squats in front of her. One of her arms is bent upward, while the other is angled down toward the ground. He yanks the bent arm downward, and the other arm raises up. He then yanks that one down, and the first arm raises up again. He pulls on that arm again, it doesn't budge, but the second arm raises. He pulls both arms up slightly, then yanks down on them. One of Thelma's legs jerks upward, kicking him in the butt and sending him flying. He does a front flip and lands on his back on the floor.)

Harlan: Ugh...

(He stands up, straightens his jacket, and takes a step. There is a crunching noise, and he lifts his foot to reveal a small crystal. He picks it up and looks it over.)

Harlan: It's cracked.

(He looks over at Thelma.)

Harlan: Oh, man. It belongs to her!

(He walks over to her, breathes on the crystal, buffs it on his jacket, and sets it in an indentation on her forehead. Thelma's eyes pop open and she smiles.)

Harlan: Hi.

(Thelma stands up.)

Harlan: I'm Harlan. Harlan Band.

Thelma: Hello, Harlan Harlan Band. I am Thelma.

Harlan: Oh, it's just Harlan Band.

(He gestures, and Thelma stares at his hands.)

Harlan: What is this place?

Thelma: You are in the Command Post of the Christa. If you would like, I could give you a tour of... oh. How odd. Bits of my memory are missing.

Harlan: Oh. Uh...

(He walks over to the helm console in the middle of the Command Post.)

Harlan: Well, you know, that - that jewel, that - that started you up? Um...

(He pulls out one of the console's crystals then pushes it back in.)

Harlan: It had a little crack in it.

Thelma: Oh dear. How inconvenient.

(She walks over to him.)

Harlan: So. You're an android.

(He laughs.)

Thelma: Yes. Thelma stands for Techno-Human EmuLating MAchine. I am in full charge of ship operations. If I can remember what they are... Would you like a detailed description of our immediate spacial coordinates?

Harlan: OK.

Thelma: Screen on.

(The viewscreen swirls, changing from part of the wall to a view of outer space.)

Thelma: Out our port monitor there is a lovely view of the Horsehead Nebula. And out our rear monitor -

(The view on the screen changes to a close-up of the Starcademy, which is slowly moving away.)

Thelma: - we have a rapidly diminishing view of the Starcademy. Within the next 5 seconds we will have left it far behind. Possibly forever.

Harlan: W-wait, wait. Hold it. What did you say?

(Thelma dips her head, making a whirring noise as she does, then raises her head back up, making the same noise.)

Thelma: Hello, Harlan Harlan Band. I am Thelma. You are on the Command Post of the -

(Harlan starts talking over her.)

Thelma: - Christa. If you would like...

Harlan: No, no. Forget that. Forget that!

Thelma: All right.

(She does the head dip thing again, then looks at Harlan.)

Thelma: And you are?

Harlan: Harlan! Harlan Band!

Thelma: Hello, Harlan Harlan Band. I am Thelma...

(Cut to a shot of the Christa flying away from the Starcademy. Then cut to Radu and Catalina entering one of the ship's corridors.)

Radu: Did you hear that?

Catalina: I'm not exactly on your level when it comes to hearing things, Radu.

Radu: I thought I heard something coming from that direction.

(He points, and he and Catalina start heading in that direction.)

Catalina: You don't think this ship is *moving*, do you?

Radu: I hope not. You know, with all the risk we're taking, I sure hope this entire adventure is -

(He steps into the Engine Room, and pauses a moment at what he sees. Catalina follows, a look of awe on her face.)

Radu: - worth it.

Catalina: This has got to be the engine room.

(She and Radu walk around to the side opposite from the door and stand in front of the engine.)

Catalina: Have you ever seen anything like it before?

Radu: Only in my wildest dreams. Or nightmares.

(Cut to Bova entering one of the bunkrooms.)

Bova: Rosie, you in here? Rosie?

(He walks around the room, then pauses in front of one of the bunks.)

Bova: Rosie?

(The bunk he's standing in front of slides out, revealing Rosie laying face-down on top of it. We hear Bova let out a grunt off-screen, then a thud. Rosie lifts her head.)

Rosie: Bova? Is that you, Bova?

(She looks over the side of the bunk. We see Bova laying on his stomach on the floor looking up over his shoulder at her. He rolls his eyes and plops the rest of the way onto the floor.)

Rosie: I think this is the bunkroom. And there are drawers with changes of clothes and everything. Isn't it great?

(We see Bova still on the floor, once again looking up at her.)

Bova: Stupendous.

(He plops back down to the floor again.

Cut to one of the ship's corridors. We can hear Commander Goddard talking, then he and Miss Davenport walk into view.)

Goddard: If they sneak off the Starcademy and onto this ship it ain't my fault.

Davenport: You should have been watching them! If someone's going to call themselves a teacher...

Goddard: No. What I call myself is a former starship captain busted in rank for no good reason and reassigned as a fleet instructor.

Davenport: No good reason, that's not what I hear.

Goddard: Well, whatever you heard, you heard wrong.

Davenport: (annoyed) Ooh.

(Commander Goddard turns away and leans on his hand on the wall. The entire corridor lights up in rainbow colors and a discordant sound is heard. Miss Davenport screams, and she and Commander Goddard back into each other. She shrieks again as they turn to each other to see it's just the two of them, and they both flounder a bit, trying to calm down.

Cut to Bova and Rosie entering the Team Room.)

Rosie: Bova, we haven't found a single crew member yet. What if they all just... disappeared or something?

Bova: Then we probably will too.

Rosie: Oh, Bova. You gotta be positive! On Mercury we always look on the sunny side of the street. But of course, on Mercury both sides of the street are the sunny side.

(Rosie reaches out to touch something, then flinches back and grasps her shoulder in pain.)

Rosie: Ooh. Ow. Ooh, I think I hurt my shoulder on that bunk. I could use a back massage.

(As she speaks she backs up toward a set of mechanical hands set in the wall. A panel twinkles, apparently in response to her comment, and the hands reach out and start massaging her shoulders.)

Rosie: Oh, thanks Bova. That feels good.

Bova: (looks up at her) What does?

(Rosie looks behind her, notices the mechanical hands, and starts panicking and glowing bright red.)

Rosie: Aaah...

Bova: Watch it Rosie, you're overheating again!

(Rosie runs away from the hands, still screaming, and trips backward down a jumptube. We see shots of her sliding down the tube.)

Rosie: Bova! Bova!

Bova: I'm gonna regret this...

(He jumps down the tube after her.

Cut to Catalina and Radu, who are still in the engine room.)

Radu: It's almost like it's alive.

Catalina: (addressing the empty space next to her) Suzee, what do you think?

Radu: You're talking to your imaginary friend again?

Catalina: She is not imaginary, she's invisible. There's a difference. And also, be nice because she's an engineering genius.

(Radu looks at her questioningly.)

Catalina: Like me.

Radu: So, uh, what do you and the imagi...

(Radu looks at Catalina, and she gives him an annoyed look.)

Radu: Uh, sorry, uh, invisible engineering genius think about these engines?

Catalina: Well, we think this might be some kind of hyperdrive processor for faster than light travel, but it's got a lot of alien design.

(She starts to reach out to touch the engine, but Radu stops her.)

Radu: Well, don't touch anything. The last thing we want to do is start this thing up and head into deep space faster than...

(He trails off as the sound of Bova yelling can be heard. They both look toward the direction of the sound. Bova pops out of a jumptube exit, looking rather dizzy.)

Radu: Bova!

(He runs over and catches Bova, who faints and sends an electrical charge out of his antennae into the engine. The engine starts pulsing, and energy crackles out of it. Catalina shields her eyes and backs away.

Cut to the Christa out in space, her wings pulling inward. Then we cut back to the engine room.)

Radu: What's happening? What's happening?

Catalina: I think Bova's electrical blast just triggered the hyperdrive.

(Cut to the Christa glowing bluish-white, then shooting off into hyperspace. Then we go to the Command Post, where Thelma is slumped over near the helm console. She stands up.)

Thelma: Good news. We are no longer moving away from the Starcademy at sublight speed.

(Harlan walks over and stands near Thelma's left side as she speaks.)

Harlan: Oh, that's good.

(He heads over to her right, to stand at the helm console.)

Thelma: The hyperdrive engines have been activated. We are presently moving faster than light.

Harlan: What did you say?

Thelma: Hello, Harlan Harlan Band...

(Harlan looks like he's ready to tear his hair out. A door opens, and Miss Davenport and Commander Goddard enter the Command Post.)

Davenport: There you are.

Goddard: You are in so much trouble, Mister Band.

Harlan: No, we are in so much trouble. We just left the solar system going faster than light.

Goddard: (to Thelma) You. Who are you?

Thelma: I am Thelma.

Goddard: Can you turn us around?

(Thelma nods, and walks over to him. She puts her arm around his shoulders and pulls him around in a circle. He shakes his head.)

Goddard: Can you turn the ship around?

Thelma: (holds her arms out in front of her) Oh, I will need much bigger arms.

Davenport: Are there any crew members on this ship?

Thelma: Why, yes. There is one from Earth, from Saturn, from Mercury, from Uranus, and from Andromeda.

Harlan: That's not the crew, that's us!

Thelma: Yes. You are... the crew.

(Commander Goddard and Miss Davenport look at each other, then we see Harlan looking shocked, and then Commander Goddard looking shocked. We then cut to the Christa flying across the screen.)


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(Once again we see the Christa flying by, but this time there is a huge white circle behind it. Then we cut back to Miss Davenport, Harlan, Commander Goddard and Thelma in the Command Post.)

Davenport:: There must be some mistake, they can't be the crew.

Harlan: Yeah, we can't be the crew.

Davenport: They're just students.

(As Commander Goddard speaks, he walks over to the main console, his voice getting progressively louder.)

Goddard: Flunking students. The space cases, the misfits, the...

(He stops and sighs.)

Goddard: Nothing personal, Mister Band.

Harlan: You know, maybe we could be the crew.

Goddard: Don't count on it. We're gonna end this little adventure double-quick.

(He pushes Harlan out of the way and stands at the helm console.)

Goddard: (to Thelma) These things, are they part of the control system?

Thelma: I think so. But I don't remember the proper combinations.

Davenport: Is there anything you *do* know?

(Thelma nods, and turns a dial on the side of her head. Country-western style instrumental music starts playing, and she does a sort of two-step over to behind Commander Goddard and Harlan. She dances in place for a moment, then dances off-screen. Harlan and Commander Goddard roll their eyes at each other. Commander Goddard then tries to operate the controls, but can't get them to move.)

Goddard: The crystals won't move. The controls are frozen.

Harlan: No they're not, look.

(Harlan grabs one of the crystals and pulls it over to the side. The ship and he and Commander Goddard all tilt way over to that side. Harlan then pulls the crystal back, and everyone rights themselves. In the background Thelma dances back into view, then goes off-screen again.)

Goddard: Why won't this ship work for me?

Harlan: Well, maybe... maybe it only works for kids.

(We hear a whooshing sound. Commander Goddard and Harlan look around puzzled, while Miss Davenport screams, runs over to Commander Goddard, and latches onto his arm.)

Davenport: It's haunted!

(We see Rosie come out of the jumptube exit, looking rather dizzy. The others look over at her.)

Rosie: Oh, look. Bunnies!

(She collapses to the ground.

Cut to Catalina, Radu and Bova in the engine room.)

Catalina: It's not working. Maybe Bova's electrical bolts fused the relays.

Bova: Good. Blame it on me.

Radu: These readouts are in some strange alien language, but as near as I can tell we're light-years away from home and still going.

Catalina: Bova, see if you can find a backup control room somewhere and we'll keep trying to shut down the hyperdrive from here.

(Bova nods and leaves.

Cut to the Command Post, where Harlan and Miss Davenport are carrying Rosie over to one of the secondary consoles. Commander Goddard is at the helm console, listening to Thelma.)

Thelma: The Christa has two means of propulsion: an ion glide with solar sails propelled by solar winds, and a hyperdrive engine fueled by a protomix.

(Harlan walks over to them.)

Harlan: Why do they call her the Christa?

Goddard: I'll ask the questions here, Mister Band. (to Thelma) Why do they call her the Christa?

Thelma: It is named after an Earth teacher who died during the early years of space exploration.

(Cut to Rosie tipping sideways, and Miss Davenport helping her back up. Then cut back to Thelma and Commander Goddard.)

Goddard: Why would an alien ship be named after an Earth teacher?

Thelma: Would you like to know?

Harlan: Yes.

Thelma: So would I. Of course, I'd also like to know the nature of that large spacial distortion chasing us.

Harlan: What spacial distortion?

Thelma: Screen on.

(The viewscreen swirls to show us the large white circle seen at the beginning of the second act.)

Thelma: That spacial distortion.

Goddard: The White Circle. It's a legendary spacial rip; a tear in the fabric of space.

Davenport: For a legend it looks disgustingly real. What happens if we're pulled in?

Goddard: Theoretically you could wind up falling through to any part of the galaxy, maybe the universe. It's a cosmic fast lane. I don't know for sure though, no one's ever survived to report back.

Harlan: Thelma, can we outrun it?

Thelma: Yes, as long as the hyperdrive engines are functioning.

(Bova enters the Command Post.)

Goddard: Mister Bova. Where are the others?

Bova: In the engine room. They're trying to shut down the hyperdrive.

Harlan and Goddard: No!

(They run past Bova out the door, Commander Goddard heading left, and Harlan heading right. A moment later Harlan changes direction and heads after Commander Goddard. They run through a corridor.

Cut to Catalina and Radu tinkering with the engine controls.

Cut to a shot of the looming White Circle.

Cut back to Harlan and Commander Goddard still running through the corridors and obviously lost. They run off one side of the screen, then run back into view and run off the other side of the screen.

Cut back to Catalina and Radu still tinkering.

Cut back to Harlan and Commander Goddard. They run down a corridor, stop and look at each other, then run back up the corridor.

Cut to Miss Davenport and Rosie standing near a jumptube on the Command Post listening to Thelma.)

Thelma: The jumptubes run throughout the ship.

(Rosie leans to look into the jumptube and almost falls in. Miss Davenport catches her and pulls her back.)

Thelma: You can program your destination with this...

(She taps a console on the wall. The console flashes different colors. Then a door opens to reveal Harlan and Commander Goddard.)

Harlan and Goddard: Where's the engine room?!

(Cut to Catalina and Radu in the engine room.)

Catalina: OK. Pull this, push that, and Suzee says that should power down the hyperdrive. Either that, or flush every toilet in the ship.

Radu: Very funny. OK, well, here goes.

(He reaches for one of the crystals. The next few moments happen in slow motion: Harlan comes out of the jumptube exit, and Radu pulls the crystal.)

Harlan: Nooo!

(Harlan runs toward Radu. Commander Goddard emerges from the jumptube exit, and he also starts running toward Radu.)

Goddard: Nooo!

(Radu pushes a crystal down. Things go back to normal speed, and a loud flushing sound is heard.)

Catalina: Nice call, Suzee.

Radu: Commander! What are you doing here?

Goddard: I'm here to bring you kids back!

Harlan: But first we had to make sure that you didn't shut down the hyperdrive.

Radu: Well, uh, we thought we had, but, uh, apparently...

(The sound of power shutting down is heard, and the engine room darkens.)

Harlan: Is that what I think it is?

Catalina: (looking off to her side, into empty air) Yup, the hyperdrive just shut down. Suzee says it'll take twenty minutes to restart it.

Goddard: We haven't got twenty minutes. Come on, maybe we can still out-maneuver it.

(Cut to a shot of the Christa slowly moving away from the White Circle, then stopping and starting to slowly move backward into it.

Cut to the Command Post, where Commander Goddard is frantically trying to operate the helm console's controls, but not having any luck.)

Harlan: Don't you get it, Commander? The ship won't respond to you, just us. It's... I don't know, it bonded with us or something. Why don't we take a shot at it?

(Commander Goddard considers this for a moment, then assigns each cadet to a post. As Commander Goddard calls each of their names, the cadets rush to their respective consoles.)

Goddard: Band, helm. Catalina, engineering. Rosie, Bova, scanning and tactical. Radu, take navigation.

Harlan: I don't want him to navigate!

(Radu hesitates.)

Goddard: Do it!

(Radu runs for his console. The cadets all sit down and turn their consoles toward them. Commander Goddard pauses for a moment, taking in the feeling of being a captain again.)

Goddard: Plot a course.

Radu: Uh, bring us to 180 on the x-axis.

Harlan: I'm on it, I'm on it.

Catalina: I've got as much power going into the solar sail as I can, it's catching up!

Davenport: We are going to die. We are *all* going to die.

Bova: We're going in!

Goddard: Hold on...

(We see the Christa go into the White Circle.)

Goddard: (voice-over) Thelma, what's our position?

(Cut back into the Command Post, where everyone is sprawled in a tangle on the floor.)

Thelma: We are on the floor, sir.

Harlan: I think he means, where in space are we?

(Commander Goddard and Miss Davenport stand up, holding hands. Miss Davenport gets a peeved look on her face and yanks her hands away.)

Harlan: Where did the White Circle spit us out?

Thelma: One moment, I am already calculating.

Davenport: I don't believe this. I just don't believe this! This can't be happening, we're lost in space!

Thelma: A-ha! The length of our trip back will be seven years, four months, and twenty-two days.

(Miss Davenport sits down on a console dejectedly.)

Rosie: What are we going to do?

(Everyone starts talking at once, so it's hard to make out everything. Rosie and Catalina are shouting at each other, Harlan and Radu are shouting at each other, and Bova and Miss Davenport are just complaining in general.)

Rosie: Someone...

Catalina: Suzee, maybe if we put our heads together we can think of something.

Rosie: Would you please stop talking to Suzee?

Bova: I knew this would happen; we're dead!

Rosie: We're here!

Catalina: What, and you think Suzee isn't?

Davenport: This is insane. I have theater tickets for tonight...

Harlan: (voice-over) This is all your fault, Radu!

(Radu responds but I can't make it out. Bova also says something, but I can't understand him either.)

Davenport: Back home with the Principal. (Says a word I can't make out.)

Harlan: Why don't you admit it? The only thing you can trust an Andromedan for is to screw things up!

Goddard: Quiet!

(Everyone shuts up.)

Goddard: I was three weeks shy. Three more weeks and my career as a teacher would have been over. I'd have been back out in space, with a crew. Instead I'm...

Catalina: Back out in space?

Radu: With a crew?

Goddard: I put my time in, blast it. This isn't fair.

Harlan: The vacuum of space isn't fair, Commander. It can destroy anybody who doesn't have what it takes to survive. Right, Miss Davenport?

Davenport: Actually, when I told you that I was quoting an essay written by a promising young Starcademy cadet some years back, one Seth Goddard by name. (to Goddard) I considered some of your early work required reading.

Harlan: So. What do we do now, Commander?

Goddard: I won't lie to you. As exciting, as tempting as space can be, it can also be harsh and unforgiving. Now for some reason this ship thinks of you as it's crew.

(Thelma smiles.)

Goddard: You're gotta start thinking of yourselves that way too. (smiling) I saw you do it earlier. I think you can do it again.

(We see close-ups of each of the cadets and Miss Davenport in turn as they all smile. Commander Goddard steps up to the main console, pauses, then smiles and steps back, gesturing for Harlan to stand up there. Harlan does, and smiles back at Radu.)

Harlan: Mister Radu, what do you say? Scenic route?

Radu: Sounds good to me, Mister Band.

Catalina: Engines are online.

Goddard: Gentlemen, set course for home.

Harlan: Not a problem.

(Harlan looks down at his console and scratches his head. Cut to a shot of the Christa flying away.)

Harlan: (voice-over) Now how do you do that again?


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