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Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court - End Credits

Executive Producers
Micheline Charest
Ronald A. Weinburg

Executive Producer
Susan Dietz

Visual Effects Design and Supervision
Yves Beland

Production Manager
Daniel Auclair

Production Coordinator
Anne Brosseau

1st Assistant Director
Anne Sirois

2nd Assistant Director
Marie-Jose Bourassa

A.D. Trainee
Jean-Francois Duplat

Script Supervisor
Marie Beaulieu

Key Make-up
Annick Chartier

Johanne Gravel

Key Hair Stylist
Serge Morache

Ron Turgeon

SFX Make-up
Oliver Xavier

Costume Designer
Trixi Rittenhouse

Brigitte Desroches

Assistant Dresser
Joceline Charette

Brunhilde Pradier
Regis Simard

Yves Champagne

Yves Robillard

Art Director
Jean Morin

Scenic Painters
Johanne Dumoulin
Marc Desjardins

Prop Buyer
Diane Legris

Prop Master
Ian Lavoie

Assistant Prop Master
Michel Clement

Swing Gang
Emanuel Cote-Ponzoni

Camera Operator
Jean-Pierre St-Louis

Focus Puller
Brigette Huppen

2nd Assistant Cameraman
Philippe Prud'homme

Camera Trainee
Darcy Greer

Sylvain Bernier

Best Boy
Bernard April

Marco Venditto

Key Grip
Alain Masse

Best Boy Grip
Stephanie Pilon

Stephanie Charron

Patrick Rousseau

Boom Operator
Veronique Gabillaud

Special Effects
Productions De L'Intrigue

Children's Tutor
Rhoda Habert

Marika Nincevic

Office Driver
Pierre Chabot

Production Assistants
Suzanne Chene
David Laramy

Set Drivers
Mario Girard

Craft Service
Denis Verrette

Script Coordinator
Ellie Presner

Production Accountant
Panos Partheniou

Assistant Accountant
Desmond Kennedy

Safety Coordinator
Paul Dupont

Stunt Double
David McKeown

Charles Henry-Joseph
Anita Gillet

Cinar Studios

Studio Director
Francois Deschamps

Post-production Director
Peter Alves

Sound Supervisor
Raymond Vermette

Post-production Coordinator
Jean-Francois Perrault

Sound Design
Raymond Vermette
Mario Rodrigue

Sound Effects Editor
Mario Rodrigue

Dialogue Editor
Jean-Pierre Pinard

Assistant Dialogue Editor
Nicolas McComber

Music Editors
Steve Wener

Lise Wedlock

Foley Assistant
Natalie Lasselin

Foley Recording Engineer
John Nestorowich

Re-Recording Engineer
Alain Roy

Assistant Engineer
Julian Fischer

Assistant Picture Editors
Christian Roy
Thomas Gill

On-line Editors
Joey Vekteris
Yves Beland
Benoit Celestino

3D Computer Graphic Design & Animation
Alain Valois

Computer Graphic Design
Anik LaFreniere

Computer Graphic Compositing
Yves Beland
Francois LeDuc
Jean-Luc Bouchard
Lina Hum

Visual Effects Assistant
Joey Vekteris

Video Assistant
Martin Gignac
Martin Celestino

Financial Director
Hasanain Panju

Business and Legal Advisors
Marie-Josee Corbiel
Marie-Louise Donald

Music Administrator
Dan Tierney

Opening Sequence by
Robert Small

Prologue written and narrated by
Harlan Ellison

Opening and Closing Theme Music
Gary Stockdale
Copyright 1996 CINAR Songs (SOCAN)

Background Music Composed and Interpreted by
Jeff Fisher
Copyright 1996 Les Editions de la rue St. Andre (SOCAN)


Andrea Kenyon & Associates Casting

Executive Story Consultant for Nickelodeon
David Gerrold

Executive in charge of Production
Ted Jessup

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