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Updates - Nov. 30, 2000 - June 28, 2001

June 28th, 2001
Added picture links to the "Prisoner Of Luff" HTML transcript.

June 27th, 2001
Added the HTML transcript, text transcript and end credits for the episode "Prisoner Of Luff". I'll add the picture links tomorrow night.

June 18th, 2001
As you may or may not have noticed, the Gallery has moved to a different web server. The reasons for this are twofold:

The main reason is that Freeservers is going to start charging if a website uses more than 500MB of bandwidth per month. I doubt that this site would use that much, but I have another site on this webspace (unrelated to SC), and I've just created a new web project (also unrelated to SC), so I figured I'd just play it safe.

Two, I would have eventually had to move the site anyway, once it outgrew the 20MB limit. The whole bandwidth limit thing just made me decide to move the site now rather than later.

At any rate, the site is now on AT&T Worldnet servers. I figured that as long as they offer free webspace to their members, I may as well try it out. There is one small quirk, though... since they only allow 10MB per username, that means the site is spread out among three usernames, certain sections per name. Hopefully this won't cause a problem, and you won't notice any difference. But if you *do* have a problem, please e-mail me at

Thanks for bearing with me. Hopefully this will be fairly painless. I will suggest that you update any bookmarks or links you might have. See you later this month!

June 16th, 2001
OK, I got the HTML pages up for the "Prisoner of Luff" gallery. Look for the transcript sometime near the end of the month, yada, yada, yada. :)

June 15th, 2001
For those of you who don't mind poking around, I wanted to say that all of the pictures for the episode "Prisoner of Luff" are actually available to look at, I just haven't gotten to finishing the HTML pages yet. You can peruse the "Prisoner of Luff" pictures index. I'll have the HTML pages done tomorrow night. Sorry for the inconvenience, but my wrists have been bothering me lately for some reason.

Also, I changed the directories of my site somewhat. You the viewer shouldn't notice any difference, but if you do find any broken links, please e-mail me so I can fix it. Thanks!

June 1st, 2001
Added picture links to the "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court" HTML transcript. Catch you later this month!

May 31st, 2001
Added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court". ...nothing like bringing it down to the wire, eh? I did mean to do it a few days earlier, but... who knew that playing my new Space Quest games would be so addictive? Er, anyway, better barely on time than never. I don't want any of you to think I've forgotten about my site!

I'll get the picture links added tomorrow night. As for a new episode gallery, I'll get one up around the middle of June. See you then!

May 13th, 2001
Added the "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court" gallery. Look for the transcript sometime near the end of the month.

April 30th, 2001
Added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)", complete with picture links in the HTML version.

Sorry about it being so late... I was lazy all morning, and just as I figured I should get my butt in gear and start working on it, my roommate started transcribing music on his computer, so I had to wait. Oops. Anyhoo...

From this point on, there will be two "guaranteed" updates per month, one with a gallery for an episode, and one with the transcript for that episode. I may do updates on the other weeks, once I get started on some of the other projects I have in mind, but the two updates per episode per month that I've mentioned will definitely happen. The reason why two weeks between episodes is three-fold.

One, doing this stuff is time consuming. It takes about 6 hours per gallery and 3 hours per transcript, and that's not including occasional breaks for one reason or another. So I can usually count on not getting a heck of lot accomplished for the day other than the site, at least when I do a gallery. Since things are currently slow at work that's no big deal now, but when the hours start picking up, I'm not going to have so much free time available. So, better to initiate a more leisurely schedule now, then to have to explain myself later, I think.

Two, there's only so many episodes, and I'm selfish enough to not want to run out of available material too quickly.

Three, this leaves the other two weeks free for possible updates to other sections. Whereas if I was updating every week, and wanted to add something besides a gallery or transcript, I'd have to spend a second day out of the week on the site, which runs into the time problems mentioned above.

Anyway. I'm sorry if this disappoints anybody, but until I get a job that's always going to be three or four days (and pays me enough per hour so I can get a decent enough paycheck by only working three or four days, as opposed to just squeaking by like I am right now...), or they put more days in the week, this is how updates are gonna be. See y'all sometime in the week of May 6th!

April 23rd, 2001
Added the "It's My Birthday Too (Yeah!)" gallery.

Sorry about taking so long to update. I meant to do it Wednesday, but my roommate invited his friend over for the day. Then my next day off, Thursday, I got myself too wrapped up in a new computer game. Then my next day off, Sunday, I had to spend doing all the chores I should have caught up with on Thursday. So now it's Monday, and I've finally gotten the site updated. I should have the transcript for "It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)" up by Sunday at the latest.

April 9th, 2001
Added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "Desperately Seeking Suzee". I also updated the "Desperately Seeking Suzee" gallery, and I added picture links to the "Nowhere Man" HTML transcript, as well as the "Desperately Seeking Suzee" HTML transcript.

Which means that the gallery is *finally* up to date. So now I can start adding totally new stuff, which I'm sure that you are all relieved to hear. Look for a new transcript and gallery next week!

April 5th, 2001
Updated the "Nowhere Man" gallery. Only one more to go, then onto the brand new stuff! :) (Well, if you don't count the transcripts as new.) Bear with me, folks!

April 1st, 2001
No April Fool's Day stuff, I promise. :)

Added picture links to the "Forever Young" HTML transcript. I also revised the "Nowhere Man" transcripts as promised.

And I also revised two other transcripts, "Spung At Heart" and "Forever Young". Apparently the SC creators decided to add an extra line to the opening credits narration after "A Day in the Life". However, since I'm lazy, and I had been simply cutting and pasting the opening narration transcript I made for "Who Goes Where?", I didn't notice the change until I went back to listen to my tapes again for sound clips for the Windows theme I'm working on. Yeah, it's a minor thing, but what good are transcripts if they aren't accurate? And that'll teach me to be lazy. :^P

March 29th, 2001
Added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "Nowhere Man".

There actually are a few minor errors in the transcript, mostly of the punctuation/grammar variety, but I've been sick these past few days, and I'm just too tired to work on it anymore. And seeing as how it's been more than my usual week, I've decided to just post it as it is now and revise it later... by Monday, at the latest. Sorry for any inconveniences this might cause...

March 19th, 2001
Updated the "Forever Young" gallery.

March 14th, 2001
Added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "Forever Young".

March 5th, 2001
Updated the "Spung At Heart" gallery and added picture links to the "Spung At Heart" HTML transcript.

February 26th, 2001
Added picture links to the "A Day in the Life" HTML transcript.

Added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "Spung At Heart".

February 22nd, 2001
Updated the "A Day in the Life" gallery.

February 15th, 2001
Added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "A Day in the Life".

February 14th, 2001
Re-vamped the "Who Goes Where" gallery. I also added picture links to the "Who Goes Where" HTML transcript.

February 8th, 2001
Re-vamped the "First Season Credits" gallery. I also updated the picture links in the "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" HTML transcript and "Who Goes Where" HTML transcript to point to the new larger pictures.

Finally added the HTML transcript, text transcript, and end credits for the episode "Who Goes Where". I also added the end credits for the episode "We Gotta Get Out of This Place".

Added a Thank You page to give some much deserved thanks to Kestrel and Diana for helping me out with stuff for my site.

February 7th, 2001
Well, I did it. I *finally* got my hands on a video capture card, and a good set of tapes. What does this mean? That the gallery is back in business!

The first thing on my list is to go back to my existing galleries, replace the existing pictures with (hopefully) better-looking versions of them, and add a larger version of each picture. Then once that's done I'll add a gallery for a whole new episode. Then after that I'm going to start working on coming up with a Space Cases Windows theme. So keep checking back!

Right now you'll find that the "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" gallery has been re-vamped. I also changed the picture links in the HTML transcript to showcase the new larger pictures. Enjoy!

November 30th, 2000
Changed the design of my site a little bit. I felt the old index was really too unwieldy... and it would just get even more so when I finally added new stuff. And then once I changed my index I had to change some other pages to keep things looking consistent... and there ya go. A new site layout. :) If anyone has any problems with anything, e-mail me, 'K?

As for that adding new stuff bit... if things keeping going well with my new job I should have money for a new video capture card by January, and I can get into the swing of things again. I've got some new ideas in mind, like more backgrounds, wallpaper, character-specific galleries, some Space Cases Windows themes, and maybe even some personal fanart (though I'm not making promises on that last... the sketches I've tried so far haven't come out very well). So don't worry, I haven't given up on things!

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